• Purpose
    • To foster creative thinking about a problem, producing numerous new ideas and to derive themes for further analysis
  • Description
    • Production a broad or diverse set of options
    • Help answer specific questions such as:
      • What options are available to resolve the issue at hand
      • What factors impede the advancement
      • What could be causing a certain delay
      • What can the group do to solve the problem
    • Focusing on a topic or problem
    • Many possible solutions
    • Aplication in group or individual
    • Powered by the experience and creativity of the participants
  • Elements
    1. Preparation
      • Develop a clear and concise definition of the area of interest
      • Time limit
      • Facilitate more participants
      • Establish criteria for evaluating and rating the ideas
    2. Session
      • Share new ideas without any discussion
      • Visibly record all ideas
      • Encourage participants to be creative and share ideas
      • Don’t limit the number of ideas whitin the time period
    3. Wrap-up
      • Discussion and evaluation of the ideas
      • Creat a condensed list of ideas, combine ideas and eliminate duplicates
      • Ordination and distribution of the list
  • Usage considerations
    •  Advantages
      • Ability to elicit many ideas in a short time period
      • Non-judgmental environment
      • Creative thinking
      • Can be useful during a workshop
      • Reduce tension between participants
    • Disadvantages
      • Dependent on participants’ creativity and willingness to participate
      • Can be limited by:
        • Organization politics
        • Interpersonal characteristics of participants
      • Group participants must agree to avoid debating the ideas during the session

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