Data Dictionary and Glossary

  • Purpose
    • Defines key terms and data relevant to a business domain
  • Description
    • Used to formally identify and define all terminology used by the organization or organizational unit.
  • Elements
    1. Glossary
      • Documents termes unique to the domain, in order to ensure that all stakeholders understood what is meant when certain words are used
      • A term relevant to the domain and a unique definition for each, as well as cross-referencing aliases
    2. Data Dictionary
      • Stantard definitions of data elements, their meanings, and allowable values. Contains definitions of each primitive data element and indicates how those elements combine into composite data elements
      • Primitive Data Elements
        • Name – unique, referenced by the composite data elements
        • Aliases – alternate names
        • Values/Meanings – list of acceptable values
        • Description – definition in the context of the solution
      • Composite Data Elements
        • Sequences – primitive data in order
        • Repetitions – Multiple occurrences of the primitive element
        • Optional Elements – may or may not occur
  • Usage Considerations
    • Is useful for ensuring that all the stakeholders are in agreement on the format and content of relevant information, ensuring that these terms will be used consistently

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