Document Analysis

  • Purpose
    • Elicit REQ through the study of the available DOC of existing and comparable solutions, and identify relevants INFO
  • Description
    • Analysis of business plans, market studies, contracts, requests for proposals, statements of work, memos, guidelines, procedures, training guides, custumer suggestions, specifications of existing systems, etc
    • Used when the objective is to collect details of existing solutions, including RN, entities and attributes for inclusion in the new solution or upgrade the current solution
    • It is also applied in situations where experts in the field of the soluution is not more on the organization, or are not available during the elicitation
  • Elements
    1. Preparation
      • Evaluate which existing DOC about the business and system are relevant, available and appropriate
    2. Document review
      • Study the material, identifying and documenting relevant details
    3. Wrap-up
      • Review and confirm the details selected
      • Organize information in the form of REQ
  • Usage Considerations
    1. Advantages – Analysis part of something, use existing materials, check REQ in different techniques (ex: interview)
    2. Disadvantages – limited to “as-is”, outdated documentation, time consumption can be excessive and tedious process

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