Interface Analysis

  • Purpose
    • Identify interfaces between solutions and/or components of the solution and define REQ that describe how they will interact
  • Description
    • Interface is a conexion between two components
    • Applications of software require on or more interfaces, of the type:
      • Users interacting directly with the system
      • Among external applications
      • Between hardware devices
    • Help to clarify the bondaries between applications
    • Distinguish which application provides specific functionalities with the needs of input and output data
    • Confirm stakeholders who will use the interface
    • Model for the subsequent analysis of the detailed REQ
    • Also useful for a non-software solution
  •  Elements
    1. Preparate for interface identification
      • Review the actual documentation containing indications of REQ
    2. Conduct Interface Identification
      • Identify what interfaces are needed for each stakeholder:
        • Describe the interface purpose
        • Evaluate which type of interface is appropriate
        • Elicit high level details, depending on its type
          • Usuary-System – Use prototyping
          • System-System – Content and name of the events
    3. Define interfaces
      • REQ focused on describing the inputs and outpus of the interface
      • Validation rules and events that trigger interactions
      • Interactions specified individually
  • Usage Considerations
    1. Advantages
      • High level view of interoperability
      • Plan impact on delivery date, more accurate and potential time savings and cost
      • Plan the collaboration with other systems or projects
      • Negotiation and cooperation between leaders of the involved applications
      • Prevent difficulties of integrating multiple components
    2. Disadvantages
      • It doesn’t provide insights about other aspects of the solution
      • It doesn’t evaluate internal components

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