Risks Analysis

  • Purpose
    • Identify and manage areas of uncertainty that can impact an initiative, solution or ORG
  • Description
    • Risk describes an occurrence or uncertain event which may have an effect on the ability to achieve the goal
    • Are positive or negative, should be understood the level of tolerance, evaluation and identification of responses
  • Elements
    1. Risk tolerance – Key factor in the response determination
      • Individual or ORG may display different levels in different moments
        • Aversion to risk – Conservative
        • Neutrality – Moderate
        • Searching for risk – Agressive
    2. Evaluation
      • Determine the likelihood and impact
    3. Response
      • Negative risks
        • Accept / Transfer / Avoidance / Mitigas
      • Positive risks
        • Share / Improve / Explore
  • Usage Considerations
    1. Advantages
      • Allows to prepare the possibility of non-planned situations occur
    2. Disadvantages
      • Risk list may become big and can be difficult to estimate the impact

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