State Diagrams

  • Purpose
    • Shows how the behavior of a concept, entity or object changes in response to events
  • Description
    • Specifies the sequence of states that an object goes through during its lifetime and defines which events cause a transition between these states
    • State Machine Diagram, State Transition Diagram, Diagram of Entity Life Cycle
  • Elements
    1. States
      • Represents a unique condition that an object may be or the state that he may have, can only be in one state at a time, must have an initial state and many intermediate and final states
    2. Transitions
      • Represents a dynamic behavior that moves an item from one state to another, are triggered for completed activities, events or others stimulations
  • Usage Considerations
    1. Advantages
      • Useful to clarify confude or conflicting REQ
    2. Disadvantages
      • Each state must be validated to determine if it is relevant to the scope of the solution, careful not to expand the scope

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