Structured Walkthrough

  • Purpose
    • Report, verify and validate the REQ
  • Description
    • Work session to review and discuss a number of REQ
    • Recorded response to questions, eliciting comments and suggestions
    • Result in reviewed REQ and issues for investigation
    • It may be called for revision of REQ, inspection is more formal
  • Elements
    1. Prerequisites
      • Complete requirements package
      • List of reviewers
        • Representatives who contributed or will use the REQ
        • Representatives of the sponsor or end users
          • Approved by the management and decision makers
      • Means for meeting – room, CALL, video-conferencing
    2. Process
      • Review the Scope
        • Checklist with items to be observed, such as
          • REQ that are out of the scope
          • Specification of the Solution
      • Organize and Shcedule Review
        • Packages sent in advance => review of the involved
      • Conduct the Review
        • Introduction of the participating parts
        • Statement of the purpose of delivery to be reviewed
        • Statement of the objectives of the review
        • Project background
        • Formal structured review / revision of delivery
        • Consensus on the actions / changes
        • Review the deliverable status
      • Compile Notes and Results of the Review
        • Ensure comments recorded for review
        • Consensus on the existence of improvements that can be made ​​in the document of the REQ or if it is acceptable in its current form, and on the need for further review
        • Re-Review if necessary – If the derivable has not been accepted
    3. Rules to Be Followed During the Review
      • Moderator may ensure that:
        • Pay attention to the influence (-) of supervisors (authority)
        • Review and comment the content (the author should not do)
        • Participants must review the DOC before the session
      • BA must determine who will participate in the activity
      • Delivery => list of questions, comments, concerns and suggestions gathered during the session
  • Usage Considerations
    • Advantages – Promote discussion, identify ambiguities
    • Disadvantages – Repetition of revisions if changes are not managed, the approval process consume lot of time

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